#GamerGate isn’t over (or “How to debunk cherrypicked out-of-context phrases 101”)

Disclaimer: This isn’t really the type of content I used to post here but I feel like it’s necessary to get this info out in a way that’s comfortable to read for people not used to giant screenshots with red text. 

So, ZQ declared she was lurking on an IRC channel and that she now has proof that #GamerGate is somehow a fake movement or whatever. Let’s analyse her tweets about the matter. Reminder that these are cut from a 13mb log from three weeks of text.

If people actually read the whole logs, they would see how much bullshit she’s trying to pass. Here are links (mirror) to everything. Why do you think she links excerpts instead of the real deal?

Anyway, let’s get into it.

1. I guess it’s a good time to mention that I’ve been lurking in & recording 4chan’s raid IRC channels for a few weeks (link)(pic)
"4chan’s raid IRC channels"? The channels were and always will be public. The channels exist for discussion of the matter. If people actually wanted to raid her, we would already have done something. We want distance from her because she’s nothing more than a disrruption to the cause. #GamerGate is about corruption in gaming journalism, not picking fights with irrelevant developers. 

2. interesting logs about how this whole shit has been manufactured. , channel  (link)(pic)
ZQ talks about how #GamerGate is “manufactured” and posts a picture of people talking about IGF, how the scandal is making developers afraid of talking. The only way she could have picked something about manufacturing is from “otherwise we hand them ammo and it looks made up”, which, to someone with basic reading comprehension, means that people should check their facts before sending stuff to anyone.

3. they even made a bot that posts all of my tweets to the channel. Hi guys. (link)(pic)
Another tweet to manipulate her following. The bot in question posts tweets from lots of people involved in the #GamerGate scandal, including Adam Baldwin, Internet Aristocrat and Mundane Matt. It’s just a way to keep people informed.

4. We’ve seen the MRA shitstain youtubers in there, my ex in there, all kinds of people. And it’s going into the police report. (link)(pic)
"MRA shitstain youtubers" probably refers to people like Mundane Matt, which is not a part of the MRA. Aside from that, it’s obvious she holds a grudge against Matt, since she filled a DMCA report to take down his video that talked about her three weeks ago because he used a publicly available picture of her game. 

5. definitely no raids ever happen because of 4chan and I definitely hacked myself mmhmmm (link)(pic)
Another screenshot of people talking about how the indie scene is corrupted. If you were actually reading everything, you can see that user RogueStar is pretty much the only one talking about any offensive action. Also, if you lurked any of the #GamerGate threads on /v/ (you can check them on the archive too) you would see everyone is against any offensive action, because that’s not our objective. Also, if you read the logs, you can see that even RogueStar drops the subject and continues talking about the indie industry.

6. by the way, if they’re trying to pretend that this hasn’t been about me & my friends, they’re sitting in a chatroom called burgers and fries (link)(pic)
ZQ was relevant three weeks ago for two days. The only reason why the IRC was #burgersandfries is because she started all of it and people kept using it as a joke. This isn’t actual evidence things are about her.

7. and here is my ex coaching them on how to fuck over indiefriends (link)(pic)
What’s the problem with Eron talking about how the indie system is corrupt? Apparently she holds a grudge.

8. but y’all have fun with your weird infographics of tweets covered with red mspaint lines (link)(pic)

9.  abort abort, she’s HERE (link)(pic)
Someone either overreacted or is an idiot. Is this proof of anything? Also, conveniently not pictured there are the people ignoring or replying with “fuck off” or “who?” to posts related to ZQ. Again, you can check that in the archive

10. but no surely is anti harassment and not just a bunch of sockpuppets saying that for ulterior motives… (link)(pic)
I fail to see the issue with this picture. “Operation” is just a way to call stuff. Using people insulting us against themselves isn’t really a tactical manuever, it’s just a way to prove they are the ones doing the harassing. And it’s happening a lot.

11. they literally thought you were all so stupid that a few sockpuppets saying “harassment is bad” would let them harass  (link)(pic)
Interesting read about who actually gets harassed.

12. it’s fucked up how *planned* all of this shit was (link)(pic)
Apparently the desperation to dig something up from three weeks of logs talking about gaming journalism made her unable to detect sarcasm. Also, if you actually read the logs, you’ll see that most of the time was used bouncing off ideas and researching stuff, hardly a conspiracy like she tries to pass with this tweet.

13. in case you’re unfamiliar, “black hat” means hackers who are cool with doing fucked up shit. (link)(pic)
Again, reading the logs proves RogueStar is just an idiot. Also, one anonymous poster saying “black hat” once in three weeks of logs hardly proves anything, unlike ZQ saying Maya doxxed The Fine Young Capitalists and then throwing her under the bus. 

14. *all* of this has been orchestrated by a band of folks who hate “SJW”. that’s the real . (link)(pic)
As you can read from the log, that has nothing to do with anything, apparently she just searched for SJW, screencapped and thought no one would actually read it.

15. also was purely to deflect when people started calling out as misogynistic (link)(pic)
Aside from that being really fucking disrespectful to the people that defend the #notyourshield campaign, it was started by a black indie developer, not 4chan.

16. also that guy who started the bullshit indiegogo to hire his wife? that was from this IRC channel too. (link)(pic)
In which lawfag apologized and returned the money instead of trying to deflect the argument and hide evidence. Again, who did worse in this story, the lawyer that confessed the mistake and fixed it or the indie developer who’s hosting a “Rebel Game Jam” which takes donations which go to the same PayPal she uses for personal donations (and doesn’t even have a starting date yet)? 

17. SLEEPER CELLS. Probably the people who showed at my panel and took photos for 4chan. (link)(pic)
Again, she’s apparently not familiar with the use of words like “operation”, “sleeper cells” etc just to be funny about it. The reason they talk about clothing is to avoid giving her more ammo by showing up with Five Guys’ shirts and stuff like that, since it would be exactly what she wanted. Again, sounds like you hold a grudge because less than 100 people showed up to your panel.

18. because this is about integrity. not revenge. not harassment. not hurting people. (link)(pic)
Again, one user being an idiot while “ayylmao1488” proving people there aren’t actually misogynists.

If you take your time to go through the IRC, you will realize that most of the posts regarding misoginy are done in a very tongue-in-cheek way. We made fun of ZQ for calling us misogynists, because it just revealed you had no idea of who we actually are. That’s what started #GamerGate: the oppression, the misunderstanding, the completed warped view of reality of uninformed people, the gaming press and ZQ. You can see in this album how hard she had to dig to find anything (and how cherry picked it was)

To the people that still defend her or are against #GamerGate: You can spend minutes and even hours searching for “corruption” in those logs. Does it really look like a hate campaign? Do you still think this is something against ZQ just because she’s a woman? We couldn’t care less about her sex or gender. We condemn her because she’s a manipulative liar. Her and the media are desperately trying to prove us wrong while trying to shut up any developer or journalist that dares to talk about what’s really going on. Are you really going to be manipulated like that? 

To ZQ herself: As much as I hate addressing you, I just want to say that we are tired of you. You cannot hide behind Social Justice, misogyny or minorities anymore. Come out and face your problems like an actual adult. We’ve had enough of your lies. We’ve had enough of corrupt gaming journalism. We’ve had enough of the high school clique that is the indie community right now. We’ve had enough of all this bullshit.

The fire rises.