Heaven or Hell, Let’s Rock! Guilty Gear Xrd coming in 2014 as a Sony exclusive.

Black Egrets, get ready! Parasoul’s color palette references are here.

Garen’s Visual Update has hit the PBE. (Source)

Those changes are not final. According to Ququroon, Rugged will be more rugged and Dreadknight will be darker.

Don’t lose your head over this: the second piece of Miss Fortune’s color palette references is here.

Mikasa’s figma is up for preorders on most websites and releases in January. 

The first piece of Miss Fortune’s color palette references. 

I got bombarded with requests to make a gifset with Squigly’s color palette references so here it is.

Keiji Inafune’s message to all of you, might beckers that supported his dream project.

Anonymous asked:
i really hope you don't take this as hate or anything because i don't mean it at all like that...i've just seen your skullgirls gifsets and i'm wondering, are they at all officially confirmed to be references as you state, or is it your interpretation? because in my personal opinion, some are iffy, while some are dead spot on. either way, though, they're awesome to look at.

Most of the references are from stuff I find in wikis and japanese videos. Some of them are quite a stretch (like Filia’s Zeruel reference, for example), but I decided to include them anyway. I don’t think there is a chart of official references. I’m 100% the Guilty Gear and Madoka references are right, though (Mike-Z is a huge GG junkie and most of the voice actresses and worked on Skullgirls did Madoka too).